BRICKXhibit 2015

The Philippines’ Largest LEGO Display


In what has been dubbed as the country’s biggest LEGO event, the Philippine LEGO Users Group (PhLUG) together with Resorts World Manila hosts BRICKXhibit 2015 at the groundfloor of Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila. The event features over two hundred baseplates worth of original creations containing more than four hundred thousand bricks built together by over 200 members of the PhLUG.


The well attended event lasted from April 18 to May 3, and according to Resorts World Manila security department has caused a sharprise in the guest traffic of the event venue. MrKingson Sian, President of RWM was quoted as saying that he “could see a crowd gathering at the gallery’s end everyday where the LEGO display was located”. Mr Sian, a proud LEGO fan himself, is hands-on in helping PhLUG improve arrangements for the display which has seen its fair share of kids, and adults alike, running towards the displays in an apparent show marvel for the huge exhibition.


PhLUG has been locked in meetings with Resorts World Manila since January 2015 while admins of Sub-Interest Groups (SIGs) have been laying out their group designs for an even longer time. SIGs are to be credited for the detailed and cohesive designs for each of the displays where the Castle Dio Group went home with the Best Diorama Award. Notable displays such as Hope Christian High School’s Ball Contraption, Arthur Tanseco’sVoltes V and Jon San Pedro’s Hulkbuster were all present at the event.


Not to miss the event, H.E. Jan Top Christensen, Ambassador of Denmark to the Philippines went to see the display on the opening weekend bringing his family along. Receiving him on the exhibition area is our very own Randy Protacio who showed him around.